G7 EXO, Cellular, Diffusion Multi-gas Module, H2S, LEL-I, CO, O2, North America, 3 year system access terms


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G7 EXO is the world’s first cloud-connected area monitor with integrated 2G/3G/4G communications. When G7 EXO is turned on, it automatically connects directly to the Blackline Safety Cloud, streaming critical insights of your site or facility.

G7 EXO. Move your area monitoring program into the cloud.

Until now, conventional area monitors have suffered short battery life, limited configurability and complicated or inadequate connectivity while also being challenging to configure into a seamless network. G7 EXO is intelligence and versatility wrapped into one game-changing solution. Inside rugged aluminum casing, EXO boasts industry-leading battery life of over 100 days and features a large, full-color display for easy visibility in any condition. 4G cellular connectivity is built-in, with the option to add a satellite module*. All you have to do is turn G7 EXO on and it goes to work streaming environmental data to the Blackline Safety Cloud. Advanced analytics capabilities summarize data so you can address safety hazards or facility risks before they become a problem. Unlike mesh networks, EXO does not require any network configuration — at all. Since each G7 EXO connect directly to the cloud, there’s no need for smartphones, Wi-Fi or radio links to connect personnel and area monitors to a central network. This also means there is no limit to the number of devices that can connect to one another on a network. Area monitoring has never been more straightforward or considerate of your needs.

Blackline solutions can be configured to cater to nearly every industry, scenario and application. With diverse customers around the globe, we offer countless innovative system combinations to meet their needs and ensure each worker returns safely at the end of the day. Industry applications include gas distribution (midstream), petrochemical and refineries (downstream), water/wastewater, utilities, healthcare, manufacturing, EPCM, renewable power generation, government, transportation and more.

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