TRC - Tire Seal - 1 pint bottle

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The uses of TIRESEAL are as varied as the many different types of equipment to be found. From the largest of earth-moving equipment tires, to farm tractor tires and even golf cart tires, TIRESEAL is the answer. This product is not to be used in tires which are installed on vehicles utilized for over-the-road service at speeds exceeding 70 kph. Any product inside a tire could cause an imbalance problem at high speeds. Also, the sealing ability of TIRESEAL could be impaired by high speeds. Speed will create a centrifuge effect, which could hinder TIRESEAL’s sealing ability in a tire. TIRESEAL is not a cure-all. However, it has been thoroughly field tested for well over 50 years by satisfied Customers of Texas Refinery Corp. When used as a preventive maintenance product, TIRESEAL will allow equipment to perform more efficiently than ever before! TIRESEAL truly pays for itself by reducing downtime and keeping equipment operating.

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