ABUS - 74/40 B KA Red 1-1/2” Shackle - Red - Keyed Alike - Aluminum Body Safety Padlock w/ 1-1/2" Vinyl Coated Steel Shackle - Key-Retaining - 6-pin cylinder - IS - (Set of 12 Uniquely Keyed Alike Locks)


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74/40 - Non-Conductive Safety Padlock by Abus

ABUS offers suitable padlock solutions for every kind of safety application. Our 74 Non-Conductive Series is best used in environments where the danger of sparks should be minimized.

Non-Conductive Series Padlocks are non-magnetic, non-sparking and dielectric. Ideal for temperamental environments and confined space applications. The solid aluminum body is encased by non-conductive colored covers for easy identification. The key retaining feature ensures the padlocks are not left unlocked. LOTO labels for greater visibility and identification are available.

Lockout-tagout (LO/TO) safety procedures, as defined by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), require that lockout devices be durable and standardized. Lockout devices use color, warning labels or tags, and a physical barrier to temporarily prohibit machine operation or power activation, and reduce accidents, during maintenance or repair. Lockout hasps are often used to secure energy sources in the off position during maintenance or repair when multiple workers are on the job. They consist of one shackle that can be locked closed by one or more padlocks, providing the ability to use multiple padlocks in a place where only one shackle will fit.

Features and Benefits:

- Plastic-covered lock body and shackle are non-magnetic, non-sparking, and dielectric, providing intrinsically safe protection.
- 6-pin cylinder offers maximum key differs and is key-retaining.
- Under the plastic casing, the NANO PROTECT™ coated steel shackle and aluminum lock body are corrosion and chemical resistant.
- Padlocks contain 70% recycled materials and are produced in a facility that achieved virtually zero waste to landfill operations in 2012 at a 98% diversion rate.
- Ships with LOTO labels in English, Spanish, and French.
- Meets OSHA Lockout/Tagout Guidelines.

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