Wrapping Up 2020 - Becker Safety and Supply

Our Dedication to Our Customers and Community

Even though 2020 fell short of everyone’s expectations, it was still a year to remember for Becker Safety and Supply. When the global pandemic crippled the world, the need for safety supplies and PPE increased significantly. As Becker Safety has grown to serve the energy, construction, and first responder industries over the past few years, we were well equipped to meet the PPE needs of our customers. More importantly, our safety and supply business was founded on meaningful relationships and our team didn’t let a pandemic halt our ability to serve the community.

Halfway through the year, we launched a new website so customers can order safety supplies online and stay up to date with the latest Becker Safety products, services, and events. One of the most impactful ways customers can follow along with our business is through our Becker Safety Blog. Here are a couple highlights from our 2020 Becker Safety Blog posts.

We had the honor of hosting Jason Spiess for a Living The Crude Life Live Recording Session in our Training Center. Read about it HERE!

In September, our team was excited to host a live fall protection demo in honor of National Safety Stand Down Week. After months of isolation, it was refreshing for our team members to connect with customers in person and provide a quality training opportunity. Read what our team had to say about the event HERE!


Do you have a great Becker Safety 2020 story? Feel free to send us an email and let us know how our team has positively impacted you this year! As we wrap up 2020, we are excited for the ways in which we can care for our community and keep our customers safe.

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