BLACKLINE SAFETY - G7 Bridge, North America

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The Blackline Safety G7 Bridge delivers an easy-to-use satellite and cellular uplink with true last-mile monitoring capability. Keep your technicians safe in the field by enabling two-way text messaging between technicians and monitoring personnel, get industry-leading range of 2 km from G7 Bridge to G7x devices via 900 MHz radio link, and durable, weatherpoof IP65 sealed design with heated LCD for use in cold weather.

Key Features:

  • Enables up to five G7x devices to connect through the Iridium network to the Blackline Live portal
  • Facilitates two-way text messaging between G7x employee-worn device, G7 Bridge and monitoring personnel
  • Compact, self powered and completely portable
  • Industry-leading range of 2 km from G7 Bridge to G7x devices via 900 MHz radio link
  • Radio link enables employees to confidently work indoors with reliable satellite communications
  • Durable and weatherproof IP65 sealed design and heated LCD for use in cold weather

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