DRAEGER - PAC 3500 H‚ÇÇS with Yellow Faceplate, 0 - 100 ppm, 0.1 ppm resolution A1 10 ppm / A2 15 ppm


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The two-year disposable Draeger Pac 3500 H2S with yellow overlay is one of the most popular single gas detectors on the planet because of its superior sensor strength and its robust, durable housing. While most single-gas diffusion monitors will alert a worker once the instrument has come into contact with a dangerous level of H2S, the Pac 3500 provides a continuous numeric display of the levels even before it reaches harmful levels. Should the Pac 3500 come into contact with a dangerous concentration of hydrogen sulfide, it emits a 90 dB multi-tone alarm, vibrates, and flashes 360 degree LEDs. There won't be any mistaking that it's read a dangerous level. If your company has standards that are different than the alarm level it comes with, you can adjust the alert level to comply with your specific policy using PacVision software and cradle. Related Products: The Pac Detector Communication Module allows data to be loaded onto a PC for analysis and reporting.

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