ROBINSON - Butterfly Valve Oil Thief 16"


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Originally designed and created by Robinson, the Butterfly Valve Oil Thief has quickly become the preferred choice for many thieving applications. The quarter-turn concentric valve opening/closing assembly is located within the barrel making the unit more compact and allows the thief to pass through openings as small as 5 inches in diameter. The thief allows for a quick release of samples through the bottom end of the barrel. The rotating valve disk includes a replaceable rubber “O” ring that ensures a tight seal and prevents leaking. Each thief has four legs in the bottom casting which make the thief a stable hydrometer cylinder. The top casting includes a hanger for hanging the thief on a tank hatch or equipment case. Thieves offer a single trip action, simple closure tension adjustment, and adjustable trip rod graduated at standard extension intervals. Barrels are constructed from clear plastic, brass, or aluminum,

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