Upgrading Efficiency

A Case Study Into How RF Smart Boosted Our Inventory Management and Order Accuracy


As our safety and supply business has grown to serve the energy, construction, and first responder industries over the years, our team needed a more robust Warehouse Management System (WMS) to keep up with increased demand. In 2016, our team switched from a manual paper ordering process and confusing inventory records, to an entirely digital system through Netsuite and RF Smart. 


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Now, our Store Logistics Team can more accurately manage our store’s inventory and pick and pack customer orders faster. RF Smart has allowed our team to pick orders with 99% accuracy, meaning our customers can trust that their order will be correct. We stay on top of our supplies by conducting stock counts every of our entire inventory every 90 days!


RF Smart has revolutionized the way our Store Logistics Team processes customer orders. Their media team recently wrote a case study, showcasing how our warehouse efficiency has helped grow our business. You can read their full case study: HERE 


Our entire team is dedicated to ensuring orders are processed correctly and on time. We work hard so you can stay safe on the job and get home safely to your family.

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